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Photos 2012

Mike Kibble being presented with the Dangerous game award, a custom made Mackrill knife designed by Honorary member Jody Newell and life member John Sharp,

Johnny Chipman, winner of the Plains game award, a custom made Mackrill knife designed and sponsored by Honorary member Jody Newell and life member John Sharp.

Gordie Church (centre) was presented with the Spiral Horned Antelope award by Tommy Tomkinson. The award is a specially made bronze by Honorary member T.D Kelsey and sponsored by Honorary member Chris Kinsey.

Dr. Paula White, winner of the hunter conservation award. Her research on the ageing of lions has been extremely important to their conservation across Africa.

Jan Ramoni received the Ox of Okavango trophy on behalf of winner Raoul Ramoni. This prize is sponsored by Honorary member Fred Mannix and also comes with a $5000 donation to the winner's conservation program of choice.

Cliff Walker being presented the Andre de Kock award by Jonathan Howells. This award is a .375 Kimber rifle with a Leopold scope and Tally QD ring mounts. The award is sponsored by Jonathan and Claire Howells, Mike Miller and Tim Hoare and presented to the APHA PH's PH, a well liked, well rounded and respected individual who through ethical hunting practices upholds the reputation of the APHA.

Shaun Buffee was the winner of the Young Hunter Award. He receives a rifle scope from Rudolph Optics, a 5 year subscription from African Hunting Gazette as well as a profile write up also in the African Hunting Gazette.

Shaun Buffee being presented with a Rudolph Optics rifle scope by Rudolph Baard

Plains game award winner: PH: Johnny Chipman, Client: Dr. Jesus Viego, East African Roan, Tanzania
32 0/8 32 7/8 (new SCI No 1)

Dangerous game award winner: Mike Kibble, Client: Dana William Di Paolo, Elephant, Namibia
102 and 96 Pounds

Spiral Horned Antelope winner: Gordie Church, Client: Farid El Khalil, East African Sitatunga, Tanzania
29 0/8 29 6/8



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