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2017 Award Winners

John Sharp Award for Dangerous Game:
Guy Whittall - Lion - Save Valley Conservancy - Zimbabwe

The Spiral Horned Antelope Award:
Albe Van De Westhuizen - Greater Kudu - Ugalla Concession - Tanzania

Robin Hurt Award for Non-Dangerous Game:
Michael Angelides - Sable - Tanzania

Ox of Okavango Award:
Danene Van De Westhuyzen - Namibia - Outstanding contribution to conservation

The SELOUS Award:
Peter Flack was the 2016 Recipient
Christopher Kinsey was the 2017 Recipient
Mary Cabela is the 2018 Recipient

In collaboration with Safari Club International, the A.P.H.A. has now recognized its third recipient. The A.P.H.A. annual Selous Award recognizes a hunter who has a deep-rooted passion for African hunting. This award has nothing to do with trophy sizes or numbers. Instead it is based solely on a hunter's inherent desire to ethically hunt African game and his/her abiding love for African wildlife.

No one can recognize the true intentions of why a hunter is hunting our beloved continent better than the African PH's themselves. That is why the winner of the A.P.H.A. Selous Award is decided by Africa's top PH's, the members of the A.P.H.A.

The award itself is an exceptionally stunning piece of art created by world-renowned artist, A.P.H.A. honorary member, and passionate African hunter - TD Kelsey.

For more information on this award contact the A.P.H.A. executive officer, Mike Angelides, at executiveofficer@africanpha.org 

APHA welcomes qualified new Life Members. You may download a printable application*, complete it, and forward it to the Executive Officer.


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