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To promote and protect the interests of sport hunting in Africa by members, and others, and by promoting conservation, providing aid for those suffering from the endemic diseases of Africa, by promoting hunter safety, and promoting hunting according to our Code of Ethics of hunting big game within the concepts of "fair chase".

The African Professional Hunters Association's concern for the continuation of big game hunting and the conservation of game all over the continent inevitably makes close liaison with the relevant government authorities essential. The APHA members assist the authorities to ensure that the game laws of the country are rigorously observed.

Similarly, the African Professional Hunters Association maintains such ties with non-governmental organizations that make realistic contributions to the conservation of game and its ecosystem. 

It is of the utmost importance that the good relationship between the members of the African Professional Hunters Association and their clients is maintained. When requested, the APHA will work for the resolution of disputes between members and their clients.

It is expected of members that they will outfit and operate all their safaris to the best of their ability and to the best of the resources available to them, thus ensuring the satisfaction of their clients.

The African Professional Hunters Association in no manner replaces, neither does it replicate, any of the functions of each country's Professional Hunters' Association. We work in co-operation with each of these organizations to ensure the continuation of big game hunting in Africa. Within such co-operation is the exchange of information on undesirable persons who pose as professional hunters.


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