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Rudolph Optics is a long time sponsor of APHA, donating fantastic items for auction or to raffle at our annual cocktail party.  

 "When accuracy matters"

Rudolph Optics stands for top quality precision engineering with extreme reliability and a lifetime guarantee. All processes in the making of Rudolph Optics products, from manufacturing and coating the lenses through to production of the optical systems and the final mounting, are carried out under strict supervision. This ensures the highest possible level of quality, which is clearly visible in every product that bears the Rudolph Optics brand name. The newly designed optics feature modern multi-layer coatings and provide high light transmission for outstanding image quality and brightness.

Whether a professional hunter, competition shooter or traveling hunter, reliable target optics are essential in order to shoot in demanding terrain and under difficult conditions.

At Rudolph Optics we strive to provide you with the best possible “set of optical tools” for that decisive moment. To ensure you are perfectly equipped and do not miss the opportunity of a lifetime.  


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